From ZX82 to the Hobbit.

Buran Suprematism, a Kosmograd post that either reveals the ease with which the hard-won aesthetic discoveries of the early twentieth century come to our tech-filled lives, or the prescience with which these visual pioneers were able to foresee an unimaginable digital future / Animated Engines (via Autoblog) / The Architecture Observer is a new online publication that boldly eschews a scattering of […]

So, I called myself Pip, and came to be called Pip.

Doug Aitken’s MoMA installation ‘Sleepwalkers‘, from 2007, gets the lavish box set treatment. Someone needs to start a gallery of great box sets, from music to art and more / how to polish a car / Monolithic, a look ‘at the immensity of monolithic landscapes and architecture’ at Super Colossal / Four the Love of Art / Static in between channels, music and video / Page […]

Up in the air

The 1900 Summer Olympics attained a height of elegance and quirkiness that few games have managed since. Known as the Games of the II Olympiad and held in Paris. From Wikipedia: ‘Some unusual events were contested for the only time in the history of the Games includingautomobile and motorcycle racing‘. In this novel category, France won every single medal but […]

Tailor your coffee

Στην πλατεία της Αγίας Ειρήνης, στην Αιόλου, στο πλάι της εκκλησίας και μπροστά από το υπαίθριο ανθοπωλείο έχει ανοίξει πριν από περίπου έναν χρόνο το Tailor Made micro roastery & coctail bar. Παλιότερα υπήρχαν πολλοί ράφτες και καταστήματα με υφάσματα στην περιοχή. Ο ράφτης (tailor) είναι το άτομο που φτιάχνει, επισκευάζει ή μετατρέπει ρούχα επαγγελματικά. Όταν κάποιος […]

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What i really needed for my easter holidays was to stay home. Just stay there. And relax by taking some good care of the house, cooking, dying psychedelic easter eggs and taking the usual annual photos of my wisteria tree, in full bloom. I also enjoyed a semi-celebrational vegie thai dinner…