Planning your life

Spontaneousness ..  unexpected .. those are some of the words that tend to disappear as more and more people are planning every single moment of their lives. I wasn’t one of them, and said “wasn’t”  as they are trying to make me one of them. In other words, I have my plans for the rest […]

Είναι ο Χάρης Τσέβης ο νέος Shepard Fairey;

O Χάρης Τσέβης είναι ένας βραβευμένος διεθνώς έλληνας visual designer ( Με βάση την Αθήνα, συνεργάζεται με πελάτες σε ολόκληρο τον κόσμο. Η ζωή του άλλαξε ριζικά όταν φιλοτέχνησε πορτρέτα-μωσαϊκά του Στιβ Τζομπς, φτιαγμένα από φωτογραφίες εκατοντάδων συσκευών της Apple. Το αποτέλεσμα ήταν να εκτοξευθεί η καριέρα του. Με αφορμή τις επικείμενες εκλογές στην Αμερική, ο Τσέβης μετά από […]

Do it like the Japanese.

GET A MINIATURE YOU: 3D PHOTO BOOTH OPENING IN JAPAN MONDAY 11.12.2012 , POSTED BY BENJAMIN STARR SH The Japanese are big fans of the photo booth, producing some of the most original examples of the stand-alone photo devices you can imagine: from machines which add cute frames around your pictures to examples which morph you into […]

Street Art London // Part 1

It was a cloudy Saturday morning when we decided to explore new street art around Shoreditch.East London is the centre for street art within the city. Seemingly limitless stencils and posters adorn the area, as well as more traditional graffiti pieces. From Old Street station you can walk down Great Eastern Street towards Brick Lane, […]